Zoom Looks: Work from home outfit ideas

Working from home these days for those on laptop jobs, there really is no need to follow the office dress code. The biggest challenge is striking the right balance between laidback and polished, so that you’re dressed comfortably enough for home, while still looking presentable enough for meetings.

If you’re wearing PJs everyday or want to look more put together but comfortable, here are some ideas you can try:, 

Wear tops that you normally use going to work.

For a perfect balance of comfort and structure, pair these with your Silouex High-waisted Compression Leggings or Silouex Active Wear Leggings and round it off with your slippers or cloud sock.

Put some makeup on like you always do.

A bold red lip says “business as usual” and you’re confident.  Plus the idea and the motion of putting your makeup on help distinguish and separate your home and work life.  Makeup artists say that in many instances, makeup can help some features pop more on video calls that may otherwise look washed out because of the nature of technology and poor lighting. 

Create statements with the accessories you wear. 

Small things like scrunchies for top-knots say something about you putting some thought in how you would look for the day. Perhaps a brightly colored or color-coordinated head piece or head band could resonate positivity or joy on your face.

Wearing some jewelry like a playful pair of earrings can be a reminder that despite all that is happening, life goes on and that we can still enjoy the small pleasures and boost it brings.

The colors that you wear can affect how people see you.

Colors can strongly affect how people would react towards you. And whether we accept it or not, we are  judged on our appearance.

A brief study of the colors suggests working on combinations like green and black which are both powerful and yet approachable while blue and orange are calm and warm respectively.  

Black can equally be sophisticated and powerful, but too much can be intimidating and a bit scary. White has the potential to be boring so must be used conservatively.

The world may have changed, but getting dressed differently everyday and expressing your personal style is always a great idea and something to look forward to even when working from home.


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