Your leggings as your perfect travel outfit

Leggings Travel Outfit

If you’re one of those people who’ve opted to take advantage of the holidays to embark on a trip, lucky you. And whether you’re a plebe or a seasoned traveler, getting to your destination can easily become excruciating if you wear the wrong travel outfit. 

Traveling is a thrill and you want to get to where you want to be fresh and ready - or something close to that. The key here is to have the least bit of stress when in transit, and the best way to achieve such a state is to be as comfortable as you can be, so those form-fitting jeans might look fab on you, but they’re too tight for comfort.

It has to have flexibility!
Let’s face it, unless daddy has a jet tucked somewhere or if you don’t mind paying extra for a bit more legroom, you’ll be sitting cramped in economy or a bus, and when this happens, how far you can stretch and flex your limbs becomes very, very important and your choice of bottom wear most especially can spell all the difference. 

It’s all about comfort.
Loose-fitting jeans, fitted stretchy pants, yoga pants, elastic waist pants, are all very good choices, but a snug pair of compression leggings tops ‘em all.  Silouex’s high-waisted compression leggings stretch easily but don’t embarrassingly thin out and best of all, they’re very comfortable. So, if you need something comfortable on a flight and still look like you put thought into your outfit and have enough freedom to sprint to the gate, Silouex got you covered.

Why compression leggings?
Compression leggings are the best for long-distance travels, especially when your legs are prone to swelling. They’re made out of materials that may help increase blood circulation in your lower limbs which in turn lowers the occurrence of after-flight body aches and DVT or deep vein thrombosis - blood clotting that starts in the deep veins of the lower legs and thighs that can happen during prolonged sitting. But best of all, Silouex high-waisted compression leggings stay in place and allow you to move freely, and what's more, is that they’re extremely lightweight and would look truly chic when paired with the right shoes and top.

Oh, and did I mention that Silouex is going to have a Black Friday sale and it’s up to 50% off this Friday and Saturday? 

Happy travels!

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