Working From Home: Inviting Positive Energy Into Your Home

Most of us would want to live and work in a home that is both motivating and calming. And while working from home has its perks, it also has its challenges. This is why it’s important to have productive work from home environments by attracting positive energy. So, to help you with that, here are some tips on how you can usher out negative energy and  bring in positive energy into your home and boost your mood.

Bring in the sunlight

While working from home, natural lighting is especially important in attracting positive energy as sunlight has shown to improve concentration and help focus one’s attention, thus, resulting in better productivity. The sun’s radiance stimulates the brain to produce the hormone serotonin which improves our mood and makes us feel rested giving us that all around good feeling.

Drawing the curtains and blinds open and allowing the natural light to get through unobstructed, instantly makes the room brighter, warmer, and provides a sense of optimism.


Things way past their use which are left lying about can raise your level of anxiety and disrupt your sleeping pattern. When this happens, you lose focus and eventually become unproductive. Putting things where they belong and getting rid of the things you don’t really need opens up the place and improves the flow of air in the room. Simply making your bed can help make you feel ready for the day. 
Decluttering your closet and keeping only the things that spark joy like your Silouex Shapewear and Leggings give you a better mindset on things that are really important for you, plus it makes it so much easier to get ready each day. 
Without the clutter competing for your attention, you’ll find yourself able to focus on work and improve your productivity.

Incorporate some greens

The addition of plants around your work area or the home generally, reduces the build up of tension and anxiety, and eventually, depression. The plants will help clean the air around you and make you calmer and more relaxed, your creativity boosted, your productivity improved.

Some plants are believed to have some healing or spiritual effect. Plants emit oxygen while absorbing harmful carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from the air. Most plants that are antioxidants get rid of the negative energy around the house and attract positive energy. Not only are plants calming, they also add life to an otherwise boring room.

Open Windows

Opening the windows lets the bad air out. The air inside is much worse than the air outside because pollutants which we ourselves brought in are contained in a small space. Opening the windows simulates the feeling of being outdoors which reduces anxiety and lowers blood pressure.

The smell and the quality of the air is improved and an open window allows the free flow of air in your home, keeping it alive and dynamic. Also, opening the windows allow the sounds coming from outside to disrupt the quiet monotony of work, again simulating the feeling of being out, greatly affecting the positive energy of your immediate surroundings.

Apply a fresh coat of paint

Give the place a makeover, a breath of new life. A fresh coat of paint hides the grime and the stains, and depending on the color you choose, would brighten up the place. Colors bring positivity and affect one’s enjoyment or feeling in a room. It becomes more interesting when we come to understand how colors affect our perception of space. Colors can change the way we look at the dimensions of a room.

Working from home, it’s an absolute must to attract positive energy, enough to allow us to be more productive and accepting of our current circumstance. 

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