Why women love shapewear

From corsets to shapewears, these body-hugging undergarments have become a styling must-have for a lot of women.  Why do women choose to wear it.

Instantly lose inches from your waist

Workouts and diets are a good way to shed those excesses off, but if you need that quick fix and avoid looking dowdy before a Zoom meet, we’ve got you. And if you are worried about being overly uncomfortable, Silouex shapewears were designed with comfort in mind, you get full support with medium compression.

Look chic, casual, and in control with Silouex’s High-Waisted Shaper Shorts or High-Waisted Compression Leggings, your favorite tank tops, and blazers with rolled up sleeves, easy.

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Correct your posture and make those abdominal muscles tight

Let’s face it, working on your computer for hours on end isn’t doing you any good. Poor sitting position can hurt your lumbar area and lower back. Wearing the appropriate shapewear provides postural improvement. The compression encourages you to sit and stand straight, aligning your spine and shoulders. And the continuous use of shapewear helps strengthen your abdominal muscles to support your back. 

A great shapewear coupled with an ergonomic chair designed to best support the body and promote health, posture, and comfort is ideal. 

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Improve appearance

The right shapewear can make you look slimmer and perfectly outlined.  You get instant results wearing a shapewear without having to lose weight or having something invasive done to your body. Body shaping undergarments help you get into clothes a size smaller and make your body look a bit smaller and firmer.

Promote weight loss

When the shapewear material comes into contact with the skin, the friction causes the skin to sweat. This helps increase circulation and improve weight loss. Also, seeing your body in good shape encourages you to work harder in attaining your desired look. You’d be encouraged to exercise more and improve your eating habits. You'd be less likely to go on an eating spree because you feel good with the way you look. Besides, the constricting effect of a shapewear makes it uncomfortable for you to eat too much. The pressure around your abdominal area can make you feel full.

Improve your confidence and self-esteem

Body shapers not only improve your outward appearance, but they also encourage you to maintain that look by maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Seeing yourself in good form will inspire you to work harder to maintain that body. When you look good, you feel happy, and when you’re happy you feel confident and ready to take on the world.

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