Ways to tap into the upside of Social Distancing and Staying at home

Fear and anxiety brought about by the quarantine can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Isolation and boredom can turn everyone antsy and testy, it wouldn’t take much to ignite a precarious situation. With schools and offices all out, meaningful activities that can be shared by everyone, kids, teens and adults, are crucial to keep everyone preoccupied and entertained.

So, what are the things we can all do while in quarantine? While some activities could be downright childish, the keyword here is “fun”. Get with the program, you might just be surprised to find the child in you and actually enjoy bonding with everyone at home. 

Social media’s both a blessing and a curse in these trying times. But try very, very hard to scroll past those things that could ruin your day because when you start reacting negatively, the people around you, especially kids and teenagers, would react accordingly. Also, keep in mind that children and teens react to stress in different ways. Excessive crying for the younger ones or irritability for teenagers. When adults deal with the quarantine, or any problem for that matter, calmly and confidently, they are better equipped to provide support and be more reassuring for the younger members of the family or the household.

Try Tik Tok

A social media app that’s very popular these days, enables users to make and share 15-second videos - dancing, viral challenges, lip dubbing, etc. Before the quarantine, users were mostly young people, now the challenge is to involve everyone, but most especially, mom and dad. The outcome is hilarious and everyone is getting in on it. 

The old photo challenge

Recreating old family photographs. Those old pictures, when the world was younger, are being recreated and posted on social media, kind of reminds everyone how it used to be before we all became distant and sometimes self-involved.

Share your family video workouts

Others have taken to sharing their daily regimen in keeping fit with the help of the kids, their significant other, or their fur babies - very sweet really and the mood is well set with the appropriate get up, for motivation. In this case, we’ve got our Silouex Active Wear with light compression, the perfect get up to show off those tight muscles and a gentle reminder to stay out of the kitchen. No really, close that refrigerator door. Haven’t you seen the meme, “You’re not hungry, you’re just bored!”

Play board games, trivias, and puzzles

Not into social media? Then it’s time to bring out those old board games, trivia games or puzzles. While some board games can bring out your competitive nature, trivia games can be educational and interesting, might as well learn a thing or two while enjoying ourselves. Puzzles are games of strategy and cooperation until the goal is achieved. These games take everyone’s eyes off the screens, great for reducing stress and make for laughter.

Have an indoor picnic

Break the monotony and have an indoor picnic minus the ants. Clear the living room and lay a blanket on the floor. Bring what you would on a regular picnic and maybe play some memory or I spy games.

Have cooking lessons. 

Baking is a good way to learn how to measure ingredients properly and what you can substitute things that aren’t on hand with. Maybe everyone can learn a new dish and be more appreciative of the food that is on the table.

Have a movie night. 

Each one gets to pick their favorite movie for the night’s showing. This is one good way of getting to know everybody, and if everyone is open to it, it could be a great conversation piece to know why they like that movie.

Start a diary for the record. 

Assign a writer for the day to take note of the day’s activities, what the best part of the day is, who did something remarkable, what kind of food we had, a new lesson learned, and a lot more things worth taking note of. This gets everyone involved and a good way to practice the writing skills of members still attending school and a good read in the future as record to one of the grimmest periods in modern history.

Declutter and reorganize your closet

You’ve probably been thinking about this for quite some time but never got around to actually doing it, well you finally have the time to do it. Besides, you were just about to do your spring cleaning anyway and reorganizing closets eats up a lot of time. 

There’s been a lot of memes and posts about people gaining weight during the quarantine, so don’t throw anything away just yet, and you might want to prep up your Silouex shapewear just in case you’d need to slip into those corporate clothes for the company meeting once offices are allowed to open up their doors again. 

You can also do some dress fittings and see which ones pair best and which ones really do need to go to charity or to someone who needs it. It’ll be fun, ask for opinions and enjoy the moment.

The list of things that could be done and make things a bit easier within the confines of the home goes on and on. You can work up your imagination and find ways to bond with the people around you. What is important is to keep your mind off the fear and the anxiety and make this time worth everybody’s while. These are unforgettable times that everyone will remember, make it a memory that everyone could cherish.

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