Unexpected Benefits of Movement and Exercise

If having a healthy heart is not enough reason for you to pursue a regular workout, probably knowing that there are numerous unexpected benefits of movement and exercise that can help put you in a better state of mind might just be enough motivation to convince you to slip into your Silouex Active Wear and break into a healthy sweat.

Read up, get inspired, and have a healthier and happier body and mind.

Helps you see things more clearly

Physical movement clears your mind of negative thoughts, releases your feel-good endorphins and improves your mental well-being. Exercise distracts your mind from unwanted views that could lead to depression. Mental clutter leaves you with a troubling outlook that can wear you out. Going out for a walk or a run is a good way to clear your mind and focus on more important matters.

Raises your energy level

Exercising pumps oxygen to your heart and lungs and gets the blood flowing, releasing endorphins that raise your energy level and get you through the day. It also improves your cognitive function and can help you focus and stay alert.

Boosts creativity

Regular exercise, according to a study, improves memory and imagination and helps you come up with new ideas and think better.

Cultivates community

Social distancing and isolation have brought about a sense of longing to connect. With relaxed restrictions that have allowed us to rejoin the community and get back to the gyms, group exercises and activities, have brought about a new sense of excitement and fun and the realization that we’re all in this together.

Develops resilience

People who exercise do better in overcoming difficult situations such as being able to stay calm on interviews or examinations, or even getting over an addiction like smoking. Physical movement or exercise makes people more resilient to physical, mental, and emotional stress.

Gives you a sense of accomplishment

It’s not about winning competitions or breaking records.  The simple act of exercising gives you a feeling of accomplishment, of having achieved a goal that you’ve set yourself to do.

Makes you mindful

Exercising makes you focus on the way your body reacts to your physical movements and to your environment. When all your senses are engaged in the act, your mind is empty of any negative thoughts.

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