Trendsetting in compression leggings

When I first heard of it, compression garments were mostly popular among athletes or the athletically inclined because it offered a lot of benefits like support and circulation. Although proving the benefits of compression is still ongoing, there is enough evidence that it helps in healing muscle damage and soreness.

Made of breathable material, it stays dry, keeping the wearer cool, and flexible to allow unrestricted movement. Recently, however, the garments have been gaining traction as practical and fashionable choices for the everyday outfit that can be worn anytime, anywhere. And one of the trendiest of these garments is the compression leggings.

I was a bit apprehensive at first because leggings had some notoriety in some aspects and I couldn’t imagine myself looking good in one, I didn’t have what you might call a balanced proportion. Well, curiosity got the better of me so I got my first high-waisted compression leggings from Silouex not too long ago and now, they’re a regular part of my wardrobe.

Watching the fashion scene, the leggings have become a foundation of a unique trend where you can showcase your firmed up lower contours without actually baring skin. Highly functional, the leggings are not limited to workouts, but also a statement.


High-waisted compression leggings have more to offer than just functionality and design. Comfort is optimum. Where regular waistbands used to dig into my skin uncomfortably and offer no support, high-waisted leggings stay put and secure everything in place. It does a neat trick in hiding the unwanted excesses and keeps the legs tight.

Seamless center design

Its seamless center design obliterates the unsightly camel toe which has always been a source of embarrassment for me and wardrobe restriction. Also, the inner central seam was a cause of discomfort when the fabric was stretched with the movement I made.

Posterior lift

Well, who wouldn’t want that extra boost to add more to the existing allure? Let’s face it, it’s a plus on confidence. The leggings thin you out in the right places and make your butt look great.

Choosing the one that fits

Unlike the usual pair of leggings, compression tights are a bit trickier to don on and off, especially around the ankle because the compression is greatest on the lower leg which naturally pulls and tightens the material. It would be very, very tempting to procure a size bigger than is recommended. And although it is more comfortable, it defies the purpose of compression.

Your size should be based on your height and weight for you to fully maximize the benefits of the garment. Initially, the tightness can be overbearing, but the visual effect can be flattering. And if you decide to complete your wardrobe with the addition of compression leggings, choose the one that answers to your needs.



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