Tips on Choosing a Shapewear

Body shapers are great in making it look as though you’ve lost inches where it’s mostly needed. It’s kind of magical. Your clothes look better, you look leaner, shaplier, more confident and motivated by your reflection and the positive reactions around you. However, shapewears can be uncomfortably constricting and hot. They have a tendency to roll up or down and there are undergarments that can actually make you feel heavy. 

How do you know if you’re wearing the right fit, the right type for your needs? Below are some tips on what to look for in shapewears.

Go for light compression

From light to medium to strong compression, the perfect fit depends on what part of your body you would want to accentuate and the outfit that you are going to wear.

Light compression smoothes out the lumps and the bumps around the waist and tummy area and gives the bottom a lift.

Medium compression adds more contour to the body on top of what the light compression offers plus an anti-chafing barrier at the thighs.

Strong compression thins and adds even more contour to the body especially if you are going for the hourglass shape. Celebrities and high profile personalities have been known to favor this type as it looks dramatic and eye-catching on stage, on film and in public.

If what you want is just to give your body lines a bit of definition then go for medium compression. This level of compression supports your body perfectly, perking up your bottoms, flattening your stomach, and firming up your thigh jiggles. Try Silouex’s Leggings, Shaper Panty, and Shaper Shorts which offer comfortable and full-coverage mild compression on your tummy, waist, hip and back. 

Get the Right Size

It’s always best to stick to your size. Although a smaller size offers extra firmness and a more defined contour, it also increases the constriction and the discomfort and could make you look bigger because it creates bulges. When the shapewear’s compression gives you seamless lines and it looks and feels comfortable on you, then you found your perfect match! Ill-fitting undergarments have a tendency to roll up or down, making breathing and movement difficult. Silouex leggings, panty and shorts have a stay-put strip to keep them from rolling down.  You won’t have to suck in your stomach or worry about your things when you’re hitting the grocery or working out.  Important to remember to get your correct size

Pick the Right Style

Consider the shape and limitations of your body and what you want it to look like. Next, do a bit of research on the types of shapewears and what it does to the body. A full bodysuit isn’t ideal for women with big breasts and small waist. Others with very small rib cages but with really big hips won’t go well with high-waisted body shapers. It is also important to choose the right style of shapewear for your outfit. If you’re going to wear a dress or a skirt, go for the shaper panties or shorts so that it remains hidden.

Choose the most versatile

High-waisted shorts are a great complement to your dresses, skirts and pants as it smoothes, shapes and lifts. Fitted just below the bra line going down to the legs, it gives your body a smooth and flawless look. The high waist gives a slimming effect and controls the stomach area. It also hides panty lines.

No muffin tops plus a back support that enhances your silhouette. High-waisted shapewear covers the tummy and its sides giving it a flatter and smoother finish, perfect for slipping into that figure-hugging dress or your favorite jeans.

Select the right material

Consider all-year-round wearability. The warmer months can make non-breathable materials a bit uncomfortable. Cotton-blended materials help keep you cool in hotter weather, whereas shapewears made of nylon and spandex are great when the temperature is low as it helps the body keep its heat. 

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