Things you can do to hold it together

As we constantly juggle our priorities, keep the balance and staying connected with friends and family, and try to stay healthy and happy, oftentimes it is unavoidable to feel that we are losing it? But although things might seem to be spiraling out of control, there are simple things we can do to keep our minds off our worries.


Studies show that coloring calms the “amygdala” or the fear center of the brain. Coloring complex patterns like a “mandala” induces a contemplative state, giving the same feeling as that of meditating by reducing mental restlessness and allows the mind to rest.

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Gardening reduces stress hormones and enhances positivity. It connects you to the earth and promotes inner healing by caring for other living things, and it gets you out in the sun and fresh air, not to mention the future return of a beautiful garden that could provide you with fresh sustenance.

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Maybe you’ve recently come across the story of one of the Olympic athletes who went viral because he was photographed knitting in-between games? Well, it seems that there is more to knitting than we thought. The repetitive, rhythmic movement of knitting releases serotonin in our system and helps us feel calm and positive, which leads to better mental health.

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Gear up and get your groove on. Dancing is a highly enjoyable activity that improves both physical and mental health. It helps the mind overcome worries and negative thoughts. A study on teenage girls who were experiencing depression and anxiety had their mental health and mood improved by taking dance classes. Also, we often attribute dancing to good times, the thought makes us happy.

Play Video Games

This might raise some eyebrows, but we’re not suggesting you lose yourself to the activity, a quick game or two just to help you get over some unwanted feelings would be good. Video games are highly engaging and fun, so much so that they could actually take your mind off things, which are akin to meditation.

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This is a good way to take your mind off from whatever it is that is stressing you, and the satisfaction you get from the process and the outcome is highly rewarding and fun. Scrapbooking poses an artistic challenge in creating a unique and original medium to proudly showcase your memories.

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Puzzles improve our perception and our ability to imagine the placement of objects and their connection. Putting puzzles together calls for concentration and a good memory, which definitely would take your mind off of distressing thoughts.

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Play an instrument

Listening to music has always been known to calm turbulent thoughts and emotions, but creating music is far more effective in overcoming stress and anxiety because it fully engages your attention.

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Decluttering is a great way to reduce stress and calm the mind. If things are not in their proper order, it raises feelings of anxiety within us.

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Order in

The onslaught of the pandemic gave rise to minimal contact which helped protect us. Having things delivered to your doorstep these days is no longer just for safety, but to make our busy schedules lighter. That’s one less worry.


Just 6 minutes of losing yourself in a good read lower your blood pressure and slow down your heart rate, improve your sleep quality and reduce stress.

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