The unexpected benefits of shapewear

While working from home, the idea of wearing shapewear might be deemed superfluous because you’re not going anywhere. It’s quite understandable if you think that these undergarments are solely for achieving that perfect feminine silhouette. However, these body huggers are not just about enhancing your curves and making you feel sexy and fabulous (not that it’s a bad thing), it’s also about comfort and support.

Improves body posture and strengthens the abdominal muscles

The  shapewear’s elasticity tightens the abdominal muscles and provides additional spinal support. It lifts the spine and aligns it making your body straight and firm. This inhibits you from slouching, which of course looks more attractive and makes you look confident. Body shapers are also proven to reduce the strain on the spine from sitting too long, and incorrectly at that, easing the pain in the lower back and in the lumbar area. The ache usually stems from bad sitting posture. High-waisted shaper shorts, shaper panties and compression leggings such as those from Silouex gently align the hips and encourage the correct curve through your lower back.

Post pregnancy support


This definitely is more about comfort, physically and mentally. The changes in a woman’s body after giving birth can be traumatic, however, shapewear pieces can help reduce the flabs and bulges and gently coax the body to recede where it should. And again eases the pain on the back by aligning the spine and making your back straight.

Shapewear pieces have also been used to help in correcting Diastasis Recti, the widening of the space between the left and right belly muscles which occurs during pregnancy. Shapewear also reduces postpartum swelling by compressing the belly and flushing the unwanted fluids.

Silouex’s high-waisted shapers that come up just above the ribs are ideal as they fully cover the tummy and don’t spill out creating muffin tops.


Most of the weight gained during pregnancy goes to the legs. Shapewear helps hold it in place and shapes the thigh and the butt. Silouex’s high-waisted leggings and shaper shorts stay firmly in place and provide the needed support.


After giving birth, women would usually find their hips much wider. Shapewear like Silouex’s tummy tucking high-waisted compression leggings, shaper panties and shaper shorts addresses the concern by slimming and controlling this section.

Shapewear pieces  are not limited to just enhancing your curves and boosting your confidence, they’re also functional and beneficial. A perfect gift to yourself and your gal pals. 

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