Taking a break from work when you can’t travel far

With travel restrictions still in effect due to the worldwide pandemic, going on a holiday to destress and recharge is highly unlikely. However, one doesn’t really have to go very far in order to reset and focus on one’s well-being.

Revitalize Mid-week


No phone, no social media, no distractions for the day or the afternoon, midweek. Reducing technological distractions allows one to focus on the tasks at hand. Go cycling or walk around the neighborhood or the park for a rejuvenating exercise. Remember to wear something comfortable like the Silouex Active Wear. This short break will give you something to look forward to in the middle of the week and will energize you which could lead to higher productivity. Having different activities each week makes the exercise additionally interesting.

Explore a local nature trail

Plan short walks through nearby areas with some interesting highlights and historical features, as well as restaurants where you could order takeout from. Nature trails allow for visitors to enjoy a natural experience and get versed with the local flora and fauna and how all these connect to people. A walk in nature has the potential to reduce the frequency of negative thoughts and over thinking.

Have a relaxing spa day at home

A salon or spa trip sounds luxuriously relaxing and badly needed right now, but it’s out of the question, for now. However, home simulation is possible and definitely safer. Recreate the smell and the sound of your favorite spa and get as comfortable as possible. This may take some preparation and you could be crafty here to replicate the experience. The combination of sound, aroma, heat and water eases tired muscles and reduces one’s stress and anxiety.

Pick up a new hobby

Learning something new is mentally stimulating and a good way to break routine. It keeps the mind busy and allows the mind to overcome challenges. For some people, this can be very relaxing and at the same time, enjoyable. Picking up a hobby reduces depression and its negative effects. A hobby is fun and allows one to pass the time in a productive way.

Take a day-cation

With the restrictions of the pandemic, daycations have become a way to experience a break. Time and financial constraints are inhibiting the more traditional vacations, a daycation allows people a day’s pass and enjoy hotel amenities without actually checking into a room. Studies show that taking time off from one’s job has physical and psychological benefits, lowering stress and reducing heart issues, giving a person a better perception on life and increases the motivation to achieve one’s goals.

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