Stay Active While at Home

As the threat of the pandemic becomes more and more a reality for most of us and we contain ourselves indoors, our normal existence is disrupted and so are our eating habits and health regimen. But, it is now more than ever that we have to keep our immune system up and our body and minds healthy - this isn’t the time to turn into slobs, tempting as it may be. 

And as anxiety grows over the uncertainty of how long the virus would run its course and wreak havoc in all aspects of our lives, it would be a very good idea to take one’s mind off on what’s happening globally and de-stress by working out and staying fit. And just because your gym is locked up, for the time being, doesn’t mean you should look sloppy. 

Like any workout or sport, there are clothes to help you feel more comfortable, perform better, and look great. Try Silouex Active Line - Yoga Suit and Zipper Patchwork Yoga Suit, an expansion into activewear by shapewear brand, Silouex.

The versatile light compression Yoga Suit offers adequate support and booty lift, ideal for people who practise yoga, gym enthusiasts, runners, people who are in training, or for those who simply enjoy a good workout.

Made from 68% nylon for high wear and resistance, 24% terylene that is easy to clean and stays crease-free, and 8% spandex for comfort and sweat resistance. With light, strong, and more elastic materials, this activewear is not only highly flexible and durable, but also allows the wearer to move in every direction possible without too much restrictions. 

Made of breathable material, air flows through the fabric easily which speeds up the evaporation of sweat, keeping the body cool and leaving the wearer fresh and dry. Totally flattering, the snug fit of the yoga suit sculpts the body, smoothens it and booty lifts making you look incredible.

The Zipper Patchwork Yoga Suit isn’t your typical yoga outfit - bold, textured and skin-friendly, this workout attire is made of 4-way stretch material, providing medium compression and quick-dry technology. The arc body design gives a streamlined look, plus the high waistband provides great tummy control. And for easy wear and removal, this yoga suit has front zippers.

The new Silouex Active yoga suits have thumbholes to help reduce friction and stop the sleeves from riding up while you’re working out or make it easier to layer garments without the sleeves bunching up.

Although typically worn during athletic activities, it’s not confined exclusively to such settings, but can lend itself to casual and social meets, out to run errands, or simply tinkering around the house. And now is a good time to be in your most comfortable and presentable look for those sudden teleconferences or group video exercises because activewear can be worn anytime, anywhere. Its comfortability is top choice for casual clothing and is well accepted in social gatherings. Stylish, flattering and versatile, Silouex’s activewear fits any body type whether your body is down on the floor contorted in a stretch or lounging on your sofa with a good book and a cup of coffee.

Life will go on and hopefully, better. For now, stay home, but stay active!

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