Self-discovering While on Quarantine

This quarantine period may yet be the perfect opportunity to find out more about ourselves and the people around us. Being confined at home for an undetermined period of time is not the best of circumstances. However, instead of seeing the glass half empty, we could start looking at things in a different light and start spending time on things we’ve always thought of doing, like gearing up with our Silouex Active Wear and moving up to the groove of that online Zumba or Yoga poses to keep you calm.

 We could use this time to rest, recharge, learn new things and grow as a person. Isolation might have made us feel disoriented, detached, or unmotivated at some point, but we can turn the situation around, discover ourselves and start something new.

The outbreak has most of everyone’s normal schedules thrown off the rail. With schools, offices, and businesses cancelled, we’ve nowhere to go. But, rather than focus on the things we can’t do, we could focus instead on the things we can do and might end up enjoying. 

Through self-discovery, we can have a clear idea of our goals and the things that we want and be able to prepare for it. This quarantine is the best time to understand who we are and what we want out of life, as well as how we can help others.

Here are some steps to help us through our journey of “self-discovery”. 

Be still

Although it is important to be who we are, knowing who we are is more important. And getting to know oneself would be difficult to realize unless we take the time to be still. Self-discovery can only be obtained after spending some quiet time thinking and evaluating our life. A lot of us don’t know ourselves because the silence intimidates us, it’s really not that pleasant to be confronted with our own flaws and weaknesses. But until we get to be alone and have the chance to fully evaluate our life, to be completely honest with ourselves, and truly see everything good and bad in it, it would be good to be quiet and discover our true self.

Know who you truly are and not who you want to be

When we know who we truly are, we finally get to see where we and our particular talents fit into the bigger picture. While we may think that we have an idea of what we want from life, it’s important that we evaluate our passions and skills every now and then. To understand where we’re good at and where our interest lies, makes it easier to discover our goals. And once we’ve finally discovered the purpose of our goals, we can look at ourselves deeper and see what gifts we can give to the world. 

Find your passion

Following a passion of any kind is good. Passion powers our inspiration and opens us up to opportunities and changes happening around us. We get to learn more about ourselves in a day when we pursue something we are passionate about as compared to a year working in a position we hate. One thing a lot of us don’t do is focus on our enthusiasm in every aspect

of our life. All this means is that we don’t try and work our passions into other areas of our life. Whether we’re bringing it into the workplace or back home, having elements of our passion throughout our life will make us happier and healthier. Passion produces effort, and continuous effort produces results.

Ask for feedback

Asking others to talk about our strengths, how we can improve on them some more, and our weaknesses that would need more improvement is important to make the process of self-discovery easier. If we don’t know ourselves, hearing what others have to say about us would be a helpful practice. Although not everyone’s opinion is as important and constructive, there will be many that will offer valuable input into areas where we should focus on in our life. Sometimes those closest to us can make the decision of what to pursue much more easier.

The isolation brought about by the pandemic is a good time for self-discovery. The quiet time allows us to listen to our inner selves and to self-reflect. Ponder questions not about what you have accomplished in life but about who you have been so far: have you been kind to family and friends, have you taken responsibility for your mistakes, have you expressed yourself fully and let the world see who you really are? Faced with the fear of uncertainty and mortality, let’s be truthful to ourselves and acknowledge the facts of our circumstance and make a pledge to better ourselves. 

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