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Thanks to female celebrities sporting the form-fitting bottom wear, leggings have never been so popular and have become a wardrobe must-have. Chic with a blazer and ankle boots, versatile for any occasion, functional for office or gym wear, and extremely comfortable throughout the day. 

There are a number of options and brands to choose from, but what should you be looking for in perfect pair of leggings?

Posterior Lifting

There has been a spike on the frequency of ads showcasing leggings, owing to its growing popularity. Interestingly, the focus for its selling feature is generally on posterior benefit. Well and good, but there is more to leggings than just the firm, well-rounded, raised bottoms.

The leggings of your choice should give you that lift which would accentuate your shape and increase your confidence. 

It’s all about the booty, baby! The world’s gone butt crazy. And it wouldn’t hurt to have one and flaunt it around a bit. But it’s not all about that, lifting those buns improves posture which reduces back pain. 

High-waisted for better comfort

Waistbands have been on the rise and for a good reason. It hugs everything in place and in all the right places, eradicating the unsightly muffin top and leaves you with a form-flattering finish. And it doesn’t roll down and bunch up either, no more of those constant adjustments and uncomfortable feeling.

Another advantage of the high-waisted design is that it elongates the legs and slims the hips making you look great and feel great!

Seamless center seam

No more camel toes!

This was a major flaw in the old designs, leggings with a front seam that ran right through the center of the crotch, creating tension and the unwelcome cleavage. It’s really not something to be ashamed of, but not everyone enjoys showing it off. The good news is, most leggings are now without a front rise seam - no more camel toes!


Think about something you can wear comfortably and confidently whether you’re going for a workout, lunch, or a trip. Thanks to the rise of the athleisure trend in the fashion scene, women can now seamlessly shift from one activity to another without a major clothing change. Variations in top-wear can dramatically transform a woman’s look from sporty to chic and corporate.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a pair of leggings that make you feel and look your best, Silouex’s high-rise shaping leggings tick all those boxes. Comfortable and form-flattering, it gives you the much desired posterior lift, lengthens the legs and smoothes out your midsection, carefully concealing those unwanted bumps.

It’s made out of material that resists overstretching and provides the proper compression that helps the wearer avoid DVT and stroke. And to top it all off, Silouex is 70% cheaper than the leading brand. 

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