Outfit Ideas for the Cooler Season

As the weather gets colder, we look forward to bundling up and layering ideas to ward off the chill and look good at the same time. And while there is a wide array of selection to choose from, the challenge is to find that stand-out ensemble that you can wear for virtual meets or day outs. 


Woman in Blazer
The classic  wardrobe essential that can be paired up with (almost) anything. A good blazer gives you that put-together look whether it’s business, paired off with a smart shirt and tailored trousers, or casuals over tees, jeans, or Silouex’s High-Waisted Compression Leggings. With just enough warmth when it’s not too cold for thicker or heavier coats, the blazer is the perfect overwear. 

Oversized sweater

Nothing beats the oversized sweater for warmth, comfort and versatility. Paired with simple lines and neutrals, there’s just so many possibilities. It’s great for layering, starting with a loose shirt left peeking out from under the sweater paired off with leggings or tights for the colder days or worn as a dress with over the-knee boots.


Cardigans herald the colder weather, and this year they come in different sizes and forms, from the classic v-neck that are dressed up and tucked into jeans, to the round-neck styles that are left open and rolled up. It’s all about making the cardigan work as a layering tool and now as a separate.

Button-up shirt

A lightweight top that can be easily dressed up or down. Button-up shirts layer well with your favorite blazer, cardigan or oversized sweater for when it gets a bit too cold. The button-down is a timeless closet must-have, cinched at the waist with one-shoulder wrap top or with a sweater over the shoulders and a pair of perfectly fitting pants.

Maxi Dress

This breezy dress is just what you need when the temperature starts dropping because its length shields your legs from the cold breeze. Maxi dresses go well with an oversized denim jacket and chunky kicks or a leather jacket and boots.


As the season starts to change and the temperatures start to drop, the jumpsuit is the perfect slip on and go ensemble that makes dressing up for the nippy weather easier. Just pair off with some boots, layer on with a turtleneck and a jacket when you need to add more warmth. 


Given its versatility, jeans go well with just about anything and fall 2020 runway showcased trends from the wide-leg styles of the ‘70s to the knee-ripped slim-fits that we can mix and match with plain white tees and blazers for a clean casual finish. If you’re going for the tucked-in look, but a bit worried about the bulge, Silouex’s shaping panty or shorts cleverly conceals that muffin top and make jeans fit in a flattering way, while tops will fall smoothly and naturally around the whole midsection.

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