Love yourself this Valentine’s Day

While it’s great to be in love, we often overlook the importance of loving ourselves and how crucial self-appreciation is to our happiness. Since the past year, we have  constantly been in our own company and if you haven’t, this is a reminder to focus on the kind of relationship we have with ourselves. This Valentine’s Day, show yourself the love and appreciation you know you deserve.

Write yourself a letter of appreciation

When we celebrate major victories and milestones, we often overlook the little things we do to conquer minor obstacles that help define our personalities. 

Make a list of your accomplishments and the compliments given to you. These positive affirmations can peel away the layers of stress, and they make you appreciate the things that you have. A letter of self-appreciation shows you how much you have accomplished and what your strong points are that you probably are not even aware of or you simply take for granted.

Treat yourself  to some pampering

Luxuriate in a spa. Have your hair and your nails done. If that’s not an option, light scented candles in the privacy of your home and soak in a warm bath with a good glass of wine, anything to help you unwind and get rid of all the toxicity. Well-rested, we are better at withstanding challenges whether physically or emotionally. What is important is to find time to treat yourself to something special just for yourself, minus the guilt.

Do something you really like

Do something you truly enjoy.  This will improve your motivation and outlook. Getting stuck in a routine can lead to boredom or frustration, and a break will leave you feeling rejuvenated and all around positive. But because we’re still a bit restricted, you can give scrapbooking a serious consideration. You can take all those pictures and mementos you’ve been keeping in boxes and albums and start arranging them. A trip down memory lane can be a pleasant experience.

Treat yourself to a date

If being on your own doesn’t bother you, especially on Valentine’s Day, go on a date with yourself. A reservation for one isn’t as ridiculous as some people might think. Have a fancy meal and enjoy your food without being conscious of somebody else watching your every bite. It’s also a good way to practice self-reliance and independence whether you are in or out of a relationship. Or, if you’re not keen on going out, you can always stay at home and cook or order your favorite meal, pop that bottle of champagne you’ve been saving for a special occasion, such as this, and enjoy a quiet evening with yourself.

Buy yourself a gift

Maybe you’ve always wanted to buy yourself a pair of Silouex Compression Leggings that you can pair off with just about anything casual or fashionable, but still feel comfortable? Or look perfect in that body-hugging dress minus the lumps with Silouex Shaper Panty or Shorts? Maybe look stylishly active in a pair of Silouex Active Wear - go ahead and indulge yourself! 

Sometimes we can be very generous to other people, but often neglect ourselves. Buying something you want like a box of chocolates or a slice of that luscious pie from your favorite pâtisserie feels very rewarding and frees you from waiting on other people to make you happy. Besides, most of the time, other people wouldn’t really know what it is you truly want.

Valentine’s Day has always been about our relationship with others, but we have to remember that we also have a relationship with ourselves. Showing others how much you love them is more meaningful if you know how to love yourself first. It’s not being selfish if you know you deserve it.

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