How to Take Care of Yourself During the Pandemic

The viral outbreak can be overwhelming with continuous global news feeds, disrupted everyday routines, and constantly worrying about the family’s health and ours, it takes very little to throw us off the rail. This is why we have to stop, take a breather and reassess the situation. 

Having adverse physical and emotional responses like anxiety, irritability, vulnerability, headaches, sleeplessness, and fatigue, just to name a few, is normal. But, as we live through what is happening at present, it’s very important to keep our mental health protected and connected with the people around us to get through the pandemic.

How can we take care of ourselves during the crisis?

Take short breaks. We can always listen to music or stay connected with family and friends, and thanks to technology, visual connectivity with multiple people at the same time has been made possible.

Exercise. Set the mood, get into your Silouex Active Wear and practice pilates or yoga in total comfort. Whether it’s simple push ups or jumping jacks, maintaining one’s exercise regimen to strengthen the immune system is very important to combat the virus. Getting the family involved increases the fun and takes everyone’s mind off the current situation.

Take up a hobby. Nothing like doing some arts and crafts to bring out one’s creativity and have that sense of accomplishment once a project is done. It’s always surprising how much time goes by once we get ourselves into it. Or, we can improve the home a bit with some DIY projects that aren’t too complicated. There are tons of things we can do on our own or with the family to keep everyone busy, productive, and happy.

Practice mindfulness. Focusing our thoughts on the present and of the things we can be grateful for, for the day. We can also acknowledge and appreciate what the others are doing to help not just at home, but for the community as well.

Sleep. Make it a goal to get seven to eight hours of sleep. Sleep is very important for physical health and having a good night’s rest keeps the mind alert and fresh. Poor sleeping habits have been linked to higher body weight and higher risk of heart disease and stroke.

Take a Break From Social Media. The world isn’t going to end if we put our phone or laptop down. Social media has been known to cause depression, and now that the world is caught in a pandemic, it’s very easy to get caught in the hysteria, the false news, the overload of information, panic posts, etc. It’s okay to turn it off especially if it does more harm than good.

Take each day at a time. Put your Silouex High-waisted Compression Leggings on for maximum comfort and support, ready for a quick errand run, or simply lounging at home. And with all that’s happening around us, it’s equally important to know that we are not alone, we are all in this together. 

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