How to pick the best shapewear (that’s perfect for you)

With so many brands, styles, and materials to choose from, picking the perfect shapewear can be a bit of a challenge, but contrary to popular belief, finding the right body shaper isn’t as difficult as you might think. 

Get the right size

This is very important in determining the right shapewear for your shaping goals. Buying something that is too big doesn’t do anything much for you, and a shapewear that’s too small can be very uncomfortable and end up making you look bigger, with unsightly bumps and lumps. When taking your measurements, do not stretch the measuring tape, it should lie flat and firm on your body, then choose the closest fit. And if you are between sizes, you go a size higher if you want to be more comfortable, or go a size lower if you want more compression. At Silouex, we always recommend that you go smaller.   

Choose the right compression

Your desired results depend on the level of compression that your shapewear offers. Light compression shapewears are quite comfortable so you can wear them everyday. Shapers in this category smooth your problem areas out but don’t really offer that much control. Body shapers with medium compression offer more support and are able to emphasize your curves, but are still quite comfortable for daily wear. Firm compression shapewears are designed to sculpt your figure and improve your posture. 

Understand the different types of shapewears

Depending  on your problem areas and the clothes you are planning to wear, here are the different types of shapewears.

  • Bust-enhancing shapewears
    Provides firm support for those who want to have a figure with a fuller top. These would go well with strapless styles like gowns.
  • High-waisted shaping panties
    These flatten your belly and help you tuck those love handles and muffin tops easily. They’re the perfect foundation for your outfit. Also designed to enhance the rear, giving it a lift, and slim and enhance the hips.

  • High-waisted thigh shapers
    Designed to target your hips and thighs, slimming and smoothing. Goes great with dresses, skirts, and tight pants.

  • Waist minimizers
    These tummy shapers flatten the abdominal area and create an hourglass figure. They go well with jeans or formal wear.
  • Bodysuits
    Designed to give full coverage, slimming down the entire body. They work especially well under dresses and flowing materials because they provide a smooth foundation for the material of your outfit to fall over. Also, they save you the trouble of looking for separate pieces.
  • Shaping or compression leggings
    Compression leggings will make you look slimmer, enhance the butt, and improve your posture. They also reduce strain on the spine, joints, and muscles. 

Pick the right material

Nylon and spandex are great in colder climates, lighter versions for warmer environments are designed for breathability. 

Choose the right color

When it comes to choosing the right shade of shapewear, it would really depend on the color of your outfit. If you decide to go for lighter hues, going for nude or light shade shapewear is best.  Black is always perfect for your dark ensembles. 

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