How to look stylish (and stay dry) on a rainy day

The rainy days are here again.  But just because it’s pouring outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t look snazzy and stay dry at the same time. What’s important is that your closet should have the essentials for a rainy day - rain boots, trench coat, and umbrella, then it’s just a matter of mixing and matching until you get that perfect outfit that’s both practical and chic. 

Add a splash of color

Black is always a favorite on rainy days because it absorbs muddy splashes and it doesn’t embarrassingly become see-through if you get caught in a sudden downpour and get drenched. But black can only do as much, and with the dismal weather, it could become dreary. Lighten up the mood by adding a splash of bright color. 

Black tones down the body mass and make us appear slimmer. Dark leggings like Silouex’s High-Waisted Compression Leggings would look flattering and edgy especially when tucked in black leather boots. An oversized, brightly colored blazer or jacket adds depth and balance. Or, you can brighten up your look with colorful accessories like a scarf. The addition of a transparent or pink umbrella would look sweet and refreshing. So your rainy day outfit looks fashionable, and at the same time, keeps you dry and snug. Leggings don’t get water-logged and they match up well with almost anything.

Invest in reliable footwear

A good footwear is a great investment. Black leather boots are very stylish, but water can do its damage. There is a wide selection of brands, styles and color of rain boots you could choose from these days or maybe some Oxford shoes to pull the look together. They not only keep your feet dry, they also make you look stylish. Your dark leggings would look cute tucked-in your colorful, high rubber boots or you can match them  with a pencil skirt or a short dress over your Silouex High-Waisted Shaper Panty or Silouex High-Waisted Shaper Shorts to support and enhance those luscious curves, then casually finish the look with a trench coat for a very classic look.

Don’t forget your (rain) coat but make it a statement

Splurge on great outerwear. A waterproof trench coat that gives you that Parisian look or a bold or patterned raincoat is guaranteed to keep you dry and makes a statement outfit. Sweaters are great for layering, plus they’re warm, laid back and comfortable. You can make a statement with a cape made out of wool. Besides looking quite elegant, wool keeps you dry. Choose one that reaches below the waist, thigh-high boots, leggings and a beanie hat - vogue!


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