Getting the Most Out of Your Outfit With the Right Shapewear

There’s something about getting all dolled up and donning your happy rags that magically makes anxieties disappear. The things that you wear affects your perception about yourself and those around you, about you.

While dressing down makes you nondescript, the opposite, however, radiates confidence and power that inspires respect and trust in your ability to succeed.

Nothing like the perfect outfit to get your day going.

You look good, you feel great, and you’re more affable. 

Your positive countenance emanates self-esteem, and looking the part, you just know that the world is yours for the taking.

So go ahead and dress to impress. And when you find those tricky little humps and bumps that need a little tucking in, choose the matching shapewear to make the most out of your outfit.

Silouex High-Waisted Compression Leggings


Super comfortable, these high-rise shaper leggings flatter and enhance the form with a bottom lift and a smooth, flat tummy. It also elongates the legs and tones the hips for a sexier finish. 

Highly-functional and equally attractive, leggings look great with lengthier tops like tunics or short dresses. Choosing something asymmetrical adds more style. 

Oversized tops (tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc.) and sneakers finishes for an effortless, comfortable look. 

Layering with a poncho or a cardigan is another chic option, or variate with a long coat, a jacket or a sweater. 

Wearing a longer top or a short dress over the leggings then layering with a moto or denim jacket over it is another good idea.

You can variate the look depending on your mood or the occasion - there’s just so many possibilities. 

Silouex Cami Shapers

Great for layering, these seamless and wide-strapped cami shapers hides bra  lines and can be worn as top. Great with button-down shirt for a bit more control and coverage. Tucking into jeans or skirt is easy as it tapers the trunks.

Highly comfortable, these camisoles are made from a breathable and lightweight material. It discreetly contours from the waist up, smoothes out the tummy, and provides support, but doesn’t flatten the chest and doesn’t ride up.

Silouex Shaper Shorts

Total tummy, waist, hips, bottom lift and support with an anti-slip silicone strip to avoid a roll down, this shaper shorts tapers and enhances your form comfortably with medium compression. 

Great for those tight jeans and your favorite knee-length skirts and knockout dresses you’ve been saving in the closet. And there’s no need to worry about those pantylines, they stay invisible under the shapewear for a smooth and sleek finish.

Shaper shorts also inhibits inner thigh chafing that can lead to skin irritation and inflammation by creating a barrier between the skin through compression.

Silouex High- Waisted Shaper Panty

Your high-waisted shaper panty tightly embraces your tummy to a flat perfection and allows you to slip into that body hugging dress or form-fitting tops and bottoms without a hitch for a flawless finish. 

Equipped with an anti-slip silicone strip, this high-waisted shaper panty stays in place.

A perfect outfit begins with a great foundation. Wearing the correct accessories with just the right compression to ensure a smooth and seamless finish and still feel comfortable is absolutely magic. 

Have fun mixing and matching!

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