Finding Joy in Ordinary Life

If it feels like all the days are blurring together while stuck at home during this pandemic, that’s understandable. You may have fallen into the same routine everyday.  Having a routine is good, you have focus and organization. Trouble is, routines are monotonous and can soon become boring and frustrating. But, instead of letting the boredom get to you, there are ways of finding interest in the ordinary repetitive things that we do. All you need is to change the way you look at things.

Here are a few tips to experience the delights of ordinary life:

Transform household chores into something significant

House chores can be very tedious and they’re really not something that we look forward to. While to make something unremarkable like folding the laundry more meaningful sounds just a tad ridiculous, this could be a great opportunity to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is being completely aware of what you're sensing and feeling at the moment without being distracted by the other things going around you which often leads to negative thoughts. Being mindful and focusing on what you are doing reduces stress, giving you better control of your emotions which in turn leads to a better disposition. And when the task you’ve set yourself to do is complete, give yourself some self-appreciation for doing a good job.

Turn an ordinary meal into a special occasion

You could be sitting down with the family, your partner or yourself, but make mealtimes special. Change the mood at the dinner table in various ways. Play dress up. Now is a wonderful excuse to put that lovely get up you’ve been keeping in your closet. Don’t worry about those lumps and bumps, Silouex’s shaper shorts and panties have got you covered for a smooth silhouette. Turn the music on or light some candles for an uplifting and easy atmosphere. Take the time to enjoy the food, the aroma, the texture, the flavor, and the way it makes you feel - focus. A little mindfulness when eating elevates the experience to something almost ethereal.

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Reconnect with nature

Having a mindful appreciation of nature benefits our health. Being out in nature, clad in your Silouex Active Wear and ready to take on the day has a calming effect. It reduces stress, relieves anxiety and increases the feeling of well-being. If you are out for a nature walk, look around you, notice the new growth, the smell, and the sound. By focusing your senses on the things that around you, you can have a better appreciation of life. 

Make self-care a part of your routine

Taking the time to meet your personal needs helps you to focus on the things that are important to you. Making yourself priority raises the potential of reducing your stress levels. Finding the time to relax and unwind improves your state of mind and reduces anxiety and improves your immunity.

Do the little things that make you happy

Doing the little things that make you happy can give you instant gratification and a boost in self-confidence because this is your way of telling yourself that you are worth every bit of that happiness. You could be walking your dog, reading a book or listening to music, but the idea is to immerse yourself in what you are doing and to practice mindfulness. Focusing on one activity at a time is more productive as compared to doing several things at the same time, and less stressful. 


Laugh more

Laughter is good for you, physically and mentally. Laughing lowers the stress hormones in our body that can potentially weaken our immune system. Positivity brought about by laughter releases neuropeptides that can help reduce stress.  Laughter also brings people together. 

Be present

Most of us often forget to be present, to be at the moment and truly enjoy it. We're caught up with the things happening around us that we have forgotten to pay attention to the things that are really important. Be present, focus on  what you are doing and enjoy the moment.  Being present can enhance your memory and attention, reduce your stress, and improve your emotional well-being. 


Volunteering reduces stress by improving our relationship with other people. Enjoying the time you spend giving your services to others gives you a sense of meaning and a better appreciation of yourself and the people around you.

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