Dress your leggings to look fab and not drab

The reason for the popularity of leggings has gone beyond fitness and flattery. Where comfort is still the foremost motivation, the leggings - aside from being functional, is prized for its versatility.

Still stuck with the notion that leggings cannot take the role of pants and should never go beyond the confines of the gym or the home because they leave nothing to the imagination, detractors argue that leggings are simply not fit to be worn out in the open.

Outfit Ideas

Leggings are quite versatile. You can dress them up for work, day meets, and night outs. A tasteful selection of upper garments and accessories to match varies the look, and depending on your mood, mute the sexy and amplify the classy. 

Let’s face it, leggings are revealing. But a careful selection of loose-fitting tops that takes the eyes off your bum like oversized shirts and sweaters, longer tunics, short dresses, and flowing blouses gives you that modest but chic look you can wear to work. And if you’re going for all-out professional for those Monday meets and brunches, a tailored blazer over a short dress or a long shirt nails it.

As leggings look great with oversized or longer tops, asymmetrical tops create vertical lines that flatter and add style to your look. 

Leggings can also double as thick stockings and make your mini or even your shortest dress workplace worthy, just remember to keep that dress factor on the conservative side.

Choosing the best footwear

You can pair your leggings off with a variety of footwear depending on mood, purpose, or what looks good really. But, if you want your legs to look a bit longer, choose low vamp shoes like knee-high boots which can be very sexy and stylish or ankle boots for a chic and classic finish.

Dressing your leggings with loafers finishes you off with a smart look with long button-up shirts in fashionable prints. A jacket overlay adds sophistication and style.

Heels and leggings are quintessential for style and glamor. However, balance is important because dressing your leggings up with heels can make your lower half look long and lean and your top seemingly heavy and thick in the middle.  A loose top can offset the appearance by making your upper torso appear longer and look fabulous.

Leggings to try

Fab can easily turn into slob with ill-fitting leggings. It’s highly advisable to invest in a good pair, making sure that it’s thick enough and not too loose or too stretched out. Sheer and overstretched leggings reveal too much which can be very unflattering.

You can’t go wrong with Silouex’s high-waisted (great for smoothing out those tummy lumps for a perfect finish) compression leggings.  Made of 93% Nylon and 7% Spandex, they’re absolutely comfortable with just the right compression, stretch and fit.  It’s a closet must-have as it looks great with any top.

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