Do you need to wear underwear underneath your shapewear?

Silouex Shaper Panty

At some point, the question may have crossed your mind and you’ve probably asked around for an answer. We’re jumping in with our two cents and hopefully provide clarity of sorts. And just like any other question, answers would depend on who is being asked. 

Makers of body shapers feel that wearing underwear underneath your shapewear is a tad superfluous and goes against the shaper’s principle which is to create a seamless line beneath your outerwear. The additional layer of fabric traps heat and creates additional bulk, unflattering lines and lumps. 

Most shapewears are specifically designed to eliminate the need for undergarments. Made with a cotton crotch or an accessible crotch or an easy access-style fastening, shapers were meant to be worn in place of the underwear.  

But there are people who can’t do away with their silks or cottons simply because they’re used to the idea of wearing one and would feel uncomfortably naked otherwise. Others who’ve tried wearing shapewear over their undergarments weren’t particularly thrilled to find extra lines despite wearing seamless panties.

So, the question, should you wear underwear underneath your shapewear? The answer is no, however, the choice and the decision is really up to you and your level of comfort. And achieving that level of comfortability necessitates choosing the right product.

How will I know which shapewear is right for me?

Depending on what you decide to wear and identifying the area that needs improvement makes it easier to choose the appropriate shapewear. Mid-thigh shaper that extends just beneath your bra guarantees a seamless silhouette and no muffin top. If you’re sensitive about your thighs, a shapewear that hides cellulite and helps achieve a thigh-gap would be the best choice. The full slip which is specifically designed to be worn under dresses creates a smooth silhouette beginning from your thighs going up to the bust, smoothing down lumps and bulges. The open-bust slip allows a wider selection of bras to complement your dress. Tights/leggings are great for shaping, well, the legs.

Make sure to always buy the right size to ensure comfort and truly enjoy the advantages of wearing shapewear.

The elasticity of body shapers allows for certain shapewears to pull the tummy in and compress the abdominal area. This encourages you to sit or stand straighter resulting in a better posture.

The right shapewear gives you better appearance by improving your feminine silhouette by smoothing out the lumps, toning the muscles and giving the butt a lift. Plus, it makes inches disappear, albeit temporarily, without having to go to the gym.

Body shapers improve your self-esteem and alleviates your confidence. With better posture and appearance, your whole demeanor transforms making you feel sexy and confident. And although shapewears do not directly make you lose weight, the visual slimming effect of a shapewear gives the wearer the motivation to stay fit and healthy.


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