Creative Ways to Celebrate a Virtual Holiday

Keeping our loved ones and ourselves safe from COVID-19 may mean a very unique Christmas celebration this year. But just because we’re celebrating the season physically apart from each other, doesn't mean that we have to forego the laughter and cheer. Deck the halls and make it as festive as possible. All we need is creativity, virtual magic, and some planning ahead to make the season more meaningful and fun.  Don’t forget to gear up with your Silouex Leggings or Silouex Active Wear for a comfortable night of pleasure and pure enjoyment.

Go for a virtual karaoke party. Who doesn’t enjoy music and singing? It doesn’t matter whether you sing well or sound like a croaking frog. The main idea is to step into the spotlight and sing to your heart’s content and have fun! 

Choose your host, he or she will be handling the technical operations on whichever platform everybody agrees to use and keep the party going by making sure of a smooth transition between singers. You can find out more about this online once you’ve decided which platform to use.

Have a virtual game night. After all the things that we’ve been through this year, everyone needs a good laugh. With several online platforms to choose from, it won’t be difficult to gather family, friends, and loved ones together and enjoy a game of scavenger for one. If you’re hosting this, make a list of things you can commonly find at home that have some association with the pandemic. Write some clues, read it out then have the players guess what it is. A point for the correct answer, and an additional point if they have it in the house. No tangible rewards really, but tons of mirth.

Schedule a watch party via a video chat platform. Who doesn’t love a good movie? Thanks to technology, there are streaming services where everyone can choose and agree on a movie, and enjoy the show together. It’s a great alternative to feel closer to loved ones whom we cannot be physically with during the holidays. 

Go for an online show and tell. Let each person show his or her featured dish for the festivities and share why they chose to prepare that particular dish. Food plays an important part in celebrations. People remember particular events especially if the meal particularly shared was special and satisfying.

Try a photo caption contest. Players take turns in showing images that they find on the internet, the others would take turns in putting a funny caption. Vote for the funniest or just enjoy the laughs. The activity is visually entertaining and highly engaging, and makes you forget you’re apart.

A story by sentence. This can be played by a mixed age group, involving the children would be a great idea as they can come up with great stories and more colorful ones at that.

The game starts with someone starting the story in just one sentence that is to be followed by another. The game will keep on going until somebody says “The End.” To avoid confusion, draw numbers or assign it.

Open your gifts, share a virtual toast and a meal together. The presents should have been sent early to ensure arrival at the proper time. It would be fun to watch the excitement and pleasure of people tearing through brightly colored wrappers to get to their presents. And when all the thrill has quieted down, bring your gadget to the table, raise a toast, and share a virtual meal.

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