Choosing Your Perfect Shapewear

What A Shapewear Does

Shapewear helps shave off inches from your tummy, making it look flatter. It tones your muscles down and firms it up making your thighs, hips and rear appear slimmer. Shapewear makes panty lines disappear, giving you a smooth finish - perfect for that figure-hugging dress. 

A Brief History of Shapewear

Body shapers have been around for a very long time. Originally used as “functional girdles” by the ancient Greeks (c. 2900 BC - 641 AD), the “Mastoeides”, made from linen or soft leather and bound from the waist, pushed the breasts out of the clothing.

In Ancient Rome around 600 BC to 476 AD, girdles were made from the finest leather, embroidered and decorated with jewels then worn over clothes.

In the 16th Century, Elizabethans wore corsets that kept the stomach and breast flat.

The 19th Century Victorians were obsessed with small waists. Corsets, made from heavy canvas with whale bones or steel gave the hourglass figure or the very small waists. Women who wore them had to lie on the floor while somebody placed a foot on their back and pulled the lashings as tightly as possible - whew!

The early 20th Century Flappers were used to bind the breasts and conceal the feminine curves. 

In the 1930’s to the 1950’s, elasticized materials in several panels of the girdle produced and enhanced shapes.

In the 1950’s to the 1970’s, waist-slimming girdles were made from modern materials like nylon, polyester and whalebone. 

Today’s shapewear, however, is a far cry from its earlier uncomfortably gripping predecessors. The modern shapewear emphasizes on comfortability and durability - enhancing the feminine figure and raising a woman’s confidence without discomfort. It is, however, important to know, which shapewear fits you best.

Choosing the best shapewear

Shapewear should never be too tight. A smaller size doesn’t help you any, it could create bulges and make you look bigger and could also create some health issues. Which makes it equally important to understand the different control or compression levels of your shapewear. 

A body shaper with light compression or control level is ideal if it is to be worn for long hours because it isn’t too restrictive. Medium or moderate control offers smooth lines with a balance between comfort and compression. But if you’re looking for a total figure hug and change, then shapewear with strong constriction or firm control is your perfect choice.

Knowing your body shape can help you choose the perfect shapewear to accentuate or tone down the areas that need it the most. For example, high-waisted shapewear that go up to the bra line promises a flatter stomach and slimmer waist while giving your bust a lift.

Your body shape 

Diamond - You need a full-body shapewear to give your silhouette a smooth finish if your hips are larger than your bust and your waist is thick and larger than your hips and bust.

Oval - A thick middle and less defined waist needs a waist cincher or a bodysuit. 

Inverted Triangle - Challenge for this shape is often having a flat bottom. Panties and lower body shapewear that uses paddings are suggested to provide the lift needed.

Top hourglass - Bodysuits or camisoles to control the bust are suggested for women with larger busts than hips.

Hourglass - For women with balanced hips and busts, only light control is needed and the best shapewear are bodysuits or seamless shapewear.

Spoon - Shape with larger hips than busts and high hips needs bodysuits or waist slimmers to control the stomach bulge and love handles.

Pear - Women with big hips and smaller bust and waist would look better with lower shapewear like high-waisted panties, mid-thighs and full legs.

Straight - High-waisted panties for lift and waist cinchers for a slimmer tummy would work wonders for women whose hips and busts are of the same size.


The perfect choice

Bodies come in unique forms and Silouex aims to complement that individuality in you and make you look your best with its top of the line panties, shorts, cami and leggings.  Knowing what your body needs to be at its best and indulging that need will give you a new level of confidence.

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