Can Shapewear Be Body Positive

Body-positive supporters can still make you feel out of bounds trying to talk about shapewear. 


Because, shapewear has always been perceived as a weapon of torture whose main purpose is to modify the body and make it socially presentable.  

The body-positivity movement, on the other hand, encourages people to love and embrace themselves and their bodies, regardless of its size and shape - a belief that doesn’t really support shapewear or the idea of wearing something to conceal body imperfections. 

Just as the objective of the movement is to “address unrealistic beauty standards” and bolster morale, product development and innovation have revolutionized shapewear to flatter the body by enhancing its natural curves and to provide support and hold where needed. 

The ensuing physical and emotional satisfaction from wearing a body shaper radiates confidence from within and satisfies the stipulated goal partially.

So, is there a possibility for the shapewear to be body-positive? At Silouex, we think that there are many compelling reasons to believe so.

Everyone is naturally beautiful regardless of shape and size and should be proud of it. And although there are people who would consider shapewear as a regular addition to their wardrobe, there are some who would think that you are trying to change something about your body because shapewear was marketed as a solution to a problem with your body. 

But things are starting to change. Shapewear ads are focusing less on the slimming angle and are putting more emphasis on the other benefits as their selling point.

It’s all a matter of choice.

Body shapers are not really necessary. If you are comfortable in your own skin, it’s perfectly acceptable because this is who you choose to be. But there are others who would like to be different and whose choices would also need to be accepted because they feel it’s who they are and it is what makes them comfortable.

It complements a weight loss program

Shapewear doesn’t offer any shortcuts or overnight solutions to losing weight. What it does is provide a visual motivation of how you would want to look and encourage you to sit or stand up straight, making you look more confident and in control.

Shapewear has undergone a lot of innovation

From the constricting and uncomfortable undergarment that flattens your tummy but makes it difficult to move and breathe, the body shaper has undergone a lot of innovations, less constricting, softer and more comfortable.

Shapewear allows you to be proud of your body

Unlike the old days, shapewear is not going to change how your body looks, it’s now all about the smooth continuity of a woman’s body lines and making you feel good with your natural self. 

It’s all about loving yourself and accepting who you are and accepting others just the way they are without passing judgment.

Elicits respect

Knowing yourself to be perfectly seamless and polished inside and out gives you that feeling of accomplishment and confidence that others cannot help but notice. It evokes respect and regard.

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