Adapting to the New Normal

As quarantine restrictions are starting to ease off, reopening the economy and adapting to the new normal are the order of things. 

The New Normal

Face masks, social distancing and the increased attention to hygiene can be very challenging and strenuous as these constantly remind us that the danger is still out there and that there is no cure, for now. 

Businesses that haven’t completely folded during the lockdown will run at 50% capacity. Schools will mostly be online and will be partly managed by the family, and professionals will continue to work from home wherever possible - all these to contain the spread of the virus.

The pandemic has changed our lives in a very short period of time and we all have been trying to adjust and overcome the situation. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember that we are all in this together, what is important right now is our ability to adapt to all these abrupt changes.

And though it’s true that the outbreak has caused so much anxiety, fear, and death, it’s brought out the worst in some people and the best in others - positive changes are happening all around.

People are closer despite distancing

Communities have come together in the time of need, people are more neighborly and compassionate of others. We’ve become more connected, reaching out to family, friends and acquaintances through random calls, text messages and active connectivity on social media. We’re more mindful of others and charitable as we’ve read countless heartwarming narratives on social media, strangers lending out a helping hand or giving whatever they can to whoever needs it.

A slowed-down existence

Before the outbreak, we were mostly caught up with our busy lives and didn’t have that much time to slow down and enjoy the people in our lives and ourselves. Isolation and the limitation of movement opened the opportunity to reflect and reconnect with our loved ones despite the physical absence.

Looking at the brighter side

Despite all the bad things that have occurred since the pandemic started, there have been positive changes environmentally, the world healed while we hid from the virus. 

Locked down in quarantine gave us the chance to rediscover ourselves and the people around us. We’ve slowed down and started to appreciate the little things we never paid attention to before, we’re less frenetic and we have become more compassionate to the plight of those who are in need, giving what we can, and appreciative of strangers who are in the frontlines risking their lives.

The “new normal” will have its challenges, and we can’t start planning that vacation just yet. Nonessential trips are considered high-risk, overseas travels are discouraged and in some areas, prohibited. But looking at the brighter side, we have more time to trim down the extra body mass from all that comfort food we ingested to allay our quarantine fears. Of course  Silouex shapewear can still do wonders holding those love handles at bay, but donning a  Silouex Active Wear can hopefully fire up one’s motivation to get into the groove and move. 

And just because the restrictions are being eased up, it doesn’t mean that the danger is gone. It’s important to stay informed of the community guidelines to avoid a possible outbreak. Do not go out if it’s unnecessary, stay home if you’re sick, wash your hands, wear your mask, keep your distance and stay positive!

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