9 wardrobe essentials every girl needs

With quarantine restrictions starting to ease off, people are finding the slightest excuse to get dressed and start mingling, being careful to mind the policies of the new norm of course.  There are a few basics to a good wardrobe that never go out of style and will take you through trends and occasions. 

Here’s a checklist of your must-have wardrobe staples for easy day-to-day dressing:

The White T-shirt

Whether you’re on a quick errand run or having brunch with family or friends, the perfect white t-shirt can be paired with almost anything from your jeans to your pleated skirt, or layered with a jacket over your favorite leggings.

Highly versatile, the possibilities of how to fashionably mix and match your white tees with your other wardrobe essentials are just too many.

The Little Black Dress

As long as it doesn’t show too much of anything, your little black dress nails the classic Audrey Hepburn look. It goes well layered with your favorite trainers or sandals in the warmer months, or over thicker leggings, tights, skinny jeans and boots for when it gets colder. But, if black isn’t your thing, what is important is to have that one flattering dress that you can wear for any occasion, day or night,  with just the change of shoes or accessories.


The Statement Blazer

A good blazer does wonders when you want to step your look up and look sharp. Perfect for the boardroom or for a casual day paired with leggings.  Blazers with ruffled tops, jeans and heels look stylish for night outs.. And the look goes well with any season.


The Outfit-making Jeans

Now this is something your wardrobe cannot go without. Denim jeans never go out of date and are perfect for almost any occasion. What is important is to choose a pair that is flattering as well as comfortable. High-waisted jeans can be easily dressed up with heels or toned down with sneakers. Depending on the weather and the mood, jeans can easily be paired off with any top of your choosing.


The Perfect Leggings

Your perfect leggings offer stretch and support and flatter your form.  They’re great paired off with trainers on quick errands and fashionable with ankle boots and chunky knits or asymmetrical tops.  Silouex’s High-Waisted Compression Leggings has got you covered!  You can look and feel your best in utmost comfort with these high-rise shaping leggings. 


The White Sneaker

This can be paired with just about anything - jeans, leggings, dresses, or skirts, the choices are just too many. Whether you’re working out in the gym or on a casual day out in your leggings, your white sneakers get you in style effortlessly.


The Ankle Boots

Investing in a good pair of ankle boots is a must. They’re perfect in jazzing up your dresses, leggings or jeans. It’s an all-season shoe that you can easily slip into.


The Black Pumps 

Your classic black pumps or heels won’t ever let you down. They’re the perfect footwear for your formal meets, lounge hours, or romantic dates in jeans or sensible leggings.


The Ballerina Flats

These versatile and comfortable ballet shoes look great with anything and work well in business meets and quick errands to the store.

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