10 Small At-Home Mood Boosters To Try

Staying positive can be hard even in the best of times and with the current pandemic situation, keeping a bright disposition seems nearly impossible.  When you’re getting the blues, sometimes, we just need to step back for a while and do something to lift our mood. Here, we’ve got a list of quick and fairly simple mood boosters that could perk you up without that much trouble. Go ahead and try one if not all of them out.

Journal your gratitude. Writing about the things you are thankful for and giving thanks is good for your health as it reduces your stress levels, makes you sleep better, and it improves your relationship with the people around you. 

Take a walk. Gear up with  Silouex Active Wear or Silouex High-Waisted Compression Leggings for comfortable leg work under the sun. Absorb as much natural warmth as you can and get an instant mood boost. Sunlight activates the hormone serotonin that stabilizes our mood and feeling of well-being, and helps us stay focused.

Schedule a virtual lunch or dinner date with friends or family. Interacting with family or friends albeit virtually, keeps us connected with loved ones and reduces anxiety and loneliness. Being able to communicate with them relieves stress and improves one’s overall health.

Dress up for an at-home date night. Dressing up while sheltering in place is actually the new ‘in’.  Getting dressed up may help you feel good and reinforce your sense of self. Enhance that figure hugging ensemble with Silouex Shaper Panty or Silouex Shaper Shorts for your significant other for a romantic dinner at home or simply play dress up to break the monotony of the usual evening meals.

Play with your pet. Spending time and playing with your pet is a great way to lower your anxiety and stress levels as pets can increase your serotonin and dopamine which calm and relax you. The simple act of stroking your pet lowers the blood pressure and calms you down. Watching the fish eases tense muscles.

Try a new recipe. Trying out new recipes, especially easy ones, is great for mental health because the process doesn’t really stress a person out, instead, achieving success in the kitchen encourages focus, enhances culinary creativity, and makes one happy.

Listen to music. Music generates a variety of emotions, but is proven therapeutic. It elevates the mood and lowers the level of depression and anxiety. Upbeat music has been known to give an immediate mood boosting effect, although, there are some who respond to slower tunes.

Put on makeup. For some women, putting on makeup helps boost the mood and motivation. Wearing makeup makes one feel good and if you feel good, you feel motivated and productive.

Try new beauty tricks. You don’t really need to do anything drastic like changing your hair color to make you feel better, something like enhancing your eyes with eyelash extensions or trying a new eye shade might do the trick. Doing something different can make you feel great.

Declutter and donate. Letting go of things that you don’t really have a need for takes off some load from your mind. An uncluttered room relaxes your mind and calms you down and giving these things to those who actually need it will make you feel better, fulfilled, and happier.

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